Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Importance of History, Part II

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people."- Proverbs 14:34

If you read my previous article, The Importance of History, Part I, you surely took note of the statement made in 1798 by John Adams that explained how the Constitution was only adequate for moral and religious people.  Before I dive into the second exposition of history's importance in pointing the way to righteous living, I must set the record straight: while America is hurting and struggling with a state of moral starvation, we've never been perfect.  More than ever, now is a time for hope.  The comparison you will soon read is not meant to discourage Christians, but rather to encourage them to become active participants in their communities and to stand up for what they believe in.

Ancient Rome, the mightiest of antiquity's empires, was known to have intensely persecuted Christians in the first three centuries under the rule of emperors like Nero and Diocletian; Christianity's popularity exploded in Rome in 312 A.D. when the Roman General Constantine embraced the Christian God and the symbol of the cross as his source of strength and defeated General Maxentius at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.  He proceeded to become emperor and Christianity was eventually proclaimed the official religion of the state.

By the fifth century, the Roman Empire was falling apart piece by piece, little by little.  Even though Christianity was the official religion of the empire and many faithful Christians lived within Rome's boundaries, societal decay was largely in effect.  While many other causes, such as bad policies, numerous enemies, and power-hungry leaders, contributed to Rome's eventual collapse, it is hard not to notice similarities between our nation today and Rome in the fourth and fifth centuries.  In similar fashion, the United States is still largely Christian, even if many people only nominally claim adherence to the faith.

In 1947, Dr. Carle Zimmerman penned Family and Civilization.  In his work, Dr. Zimmerman listed eight internal signs of a declining civilization (Reference 1):

1) The breakdown of marriage and rise of divorce.
2) The loss of the traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony.
3) The rise of Feminism.
4) Increased public disrespect for parents and authority in general.
5) Acceleration of juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and rebellion.
6) Refusal of people with traditional marriages to accept their family responsibilities.
7) A growing desire for and acceptance of adultery.
8) Increasing interest in and spread of sexual perversions and sex-related crimes.

The similarities are startling.  History tells us that Rome was full of societal and cultural decay.  Many Roman emperors were noted for their sexual perversions.  Homosexuals of the day militantly advanced their causes and were so prevalent in upper classes that birth rates declined enough to limit their influence in government and society.

Rome didn't necessarily suffer from all eight maladies listed above, but in parts of America, they are all present.  Organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) seek to legalize sex between men and boys who are willing to consent to such foul perversion.  Feminism is destroying the worldview of otherwise productive young women by telling them that a life spent raising children and supporting a husband is nothing short of subjugation; consequently, supporters of feminism tag team with sexual deviants to further convolute the idea of what a normal American family looks like.  These liberal causes seek to set humanity free of the "bondage" brought forth by Christian principles.

"The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.  The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life."- John 6:63

Is a collapse of the American society imminent?  The answer to that question lies with you.  Rome didn't fall in a day.  Rome would have persevered if her many Christians took a stand for what was and still is right.  Likewise, we shall fight on and preserve our heritage for coming generations if we take hard rights over easy wrongs and call evil what it is every time we see it.  We must be ready to be seen as "outcasts" and "bigots" if we are to stand for virtue and advance Christendom.  You must have a voice in your home, your community, your school, your occupation, and amongst your friends and family or we will meet the same fate as Rome.  I cannot overstate the importance of an oft-used verse in my writings:

"...the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."- I John 4:4

If we are faithful and take the Lord at His Word, will He not be faithful in return and bless our efforts?  The power behind us is greater than the power that drives the enemies of God.  I decline to accept the commonly accepted teaching that Christians will be defeated and persecuted to the point of extinction at the time of Christ's return.  Such an attitude is defeatist.  The Scripture is clear when it says:

"The Lord said to my Lord: "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet."- Acts 2:34-35, Psalm 110:1

We have work to do.  I suggest we get busy before we end up atop the scrap heap of history.  America's ultimate hope lies neither in the Republican Party nor in economic growth; it lies in the hands of heaven's ambassadors to Earth, who depend on the very Word that gives life and hope to both men and nations.


1) The Tulsa Beacon


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