Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feminism Exposed

Once again, our relentless news cycle has forced me to divert my intended article in favor of a more current and pressing issue.  The last time this happened, I wrote my popular "Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?" piece through rage-induced clenched teeth.  In the midst of Rick Santorum's current surge, liberals have worked overtime to dig up as much dirt and set as many booby-traps as they possibly can.  Leave it to them to dig up and dwell on clips of Santorum's personal opinions on the role of females in the military in hopes that it will stop him in his tracks.

Fortunately, I don't think this will make many conservative-minded women refrain from checking his name in favor of the current president.  What amazes me is that the liberal media has flipped out over an issue that many people agree with Santorum on!  As a military officer, I work with women on a daily basis and have served with them in a deployed environment.  In certain jobs, they occasionally outpace their male counterparts; however, I firmly believe that the battlefield is not the proper testing ground to advance a politically correct idea that women should be allowed to serve in infantry and armor MOSs (Military Occupational Specialty- in short, your job title).  His only mistake in saying what he did was a political one.  He should have deferred those decisions to generals, the subject-matter experts.

I frequently assert that issues such as economic woes, class warfare, crime, and divorce are merely symptoms of a larger problem.  I believe that problem, the cause of the symptoms, is a breakdown of the American family.  Starting almost instantaneously after 1962's Engel v. Vitale removed prayer from public schools, divorce rates spiked.  Along with those increasing numbers came an increase in nearly every other negative statistic imaginable, including teen pregnancies, incarcerations, and violent crimes.

I support Rick Santorum because he stands for family values.  Say what you want about earmarks, but I can respect a man who postpones his presidential campaign to look after his three-year old daughter when she goes to the hospital due to complications from a disease that will almost certainly end her life at a very young age.  On marital "equality", Santorum always gives a reason for his disapproval: "Every child has a right to be loved by a mother and a father."

Feminism is a very dangerous movement because it threatens to further destabilize current families and casts doubt on coming generations of parents and their ability to raise responsible and morally sound children.  In 1958, The Naked Communist was written by Cleon Skousen.  In it, Skousen outlines a forty-five point plan that would be used by communist nations like the former Soviet Union to subvert the United States and her allies and send them on a downward path to communism.  Goal #40 is to discredit the family as an institution.  I will write more on The Naked Communist later.

"For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, His body, of which he is the Savior."- Ephesians 5:23

The institutional family is headed by the husband, who provides for his wife and children.  The mother is intended to serve in a nurturing and supportive role as ordained by Scripture.  Many of you reading this probably have a grandmother who was married at eighteen or nineteen.  This goes to show you that only recently has it become a priority for females to continue formal education and delay marriage until the mid-twenties.  This gives me an easy answer as to why the average marriage age is rising, but leaves a lot of grey area as to what an acceptable educational and career path for a young woman looks like.

My wife has three college degrees and is a professional in a highly specialized field.  I am not against female education and careers, but I strongly believe that if those pursuits violate the priorities of God, family, country, and career, they have gone too far.  How can a woman possibly expect to support her husband and children if they fall in the priority line behind "career"?  I think Rick Santorum would agree.

Gary DeMar, founder of American Vision, wrote a fine article entitled "Why Liberalism Will Die By Its Own Hand".  It can be found at http://americanvision.org/5518/why-liberalism-will-die-by-its-own-hand/.  In this piece, DeMar points out staggering trends between birth rates of conservatives and liberals, as well as the frequency in which liberals tend to kill their unborn children.  The same liberals described by DeMar are the ones ready to send Santorum to the gallows for his traditional views on the wife's role in the family.

"A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.  Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life."- Proverbs 31:10-12

Do you think King Lemuel was speaking of his wife in a demeaning way?  In a way that infers that her rightful place is in the kitchen?  Absolutely not.  As a team, they can accomplish anything.  Bringing him good and not harm all of her days, she certainly raised their children to be respectable and contributing members of society, not entitlement-minded brats with no sense of work ethic.

Every spring, major league baseball players descend upon Florida and Arizona for Spring Training.  For weeks on end, the players take routine fielding practice and hit balls from a tee.  Pitchers focus on mechanics and getting their bodies in shape for the long season.  The focus is clearly on fundamentals.  Similarly, we need to get back to fundamentals.  The economy isn't an overnight fix.  It's an eighteen-year fix that starts at the birth of every child who is eventually taught to balance a checkbook and not spend more than he makes.  Morality is not inherent- it is taught by a family headed by a father and nurtured by a mother.  If that mother is more concerned with throwing off the shackles of motherhood and the role of the woman in the family than she is about being a wife and mother, she will not succeed in her primary mission, that of raising a responsible and God-fearing family.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."- Proverbs 22:6

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  1. I am saddened to say as a Christian and as a member of the military your views especially on feminism is completely distorted & radical.It's unfortunate for me to think you are an Officer and could perhaps be one of my own..I imagine this is the hardest part for me.I feel taking orders from you would be absolute ludacris & I am glad you are anonymous because it would be impossible for me to have any respect to follow them.Let's talk freedom,freedom for who?George Washington, slave owner in the days that women were also considered property.How easy for you to support the ideals of this man.Here's some real history for you.Men & Women since primitive times have worked together, hunting and gathering. Women worked out in the fields with their husbands and both parties took the tasks of child-rearing and household chores.I know you have these rose-tinted views through maybe watching old Westerns & such, but they are movies.The only differences in those days were clothing & the fact women were property.Women plowed, picked cotton, and have even worked in mines.They continue to do so in rural and 3rd world areas.It was not until the Industrial Revolution when farmers had to move to cities where women were not allowed to work at first that the gender roles were created.Women stayed home and what else would they do all day. Of course, clean & cook to stay busy. This is when the roles were established.Mindless work that keeps some content and some others not.Who are you to determine someone's "role" of their existence & happiness?People such as yourself are killing Christianity and I ask you to please quit preaching.I say this with true heart,God is going to judge you the same as you judge and I am afraid for you.Your fire & brimstone ways are downright mean & will never lead anyone to finding Jesus's real love which is not through fear or undermining others self-worth.Feminism is not a bunch of lesbians who hate men and despise God.I am a Christian,happily married with a child, & 2 dogs.I am also a feminist.I have also been raised to stand by my beliefs and morals no matter what. Another fact for you; 3 out of 4 war fatalities are either women or children civilians. If a woman determines that she is capable of giving her life on the battle-field remember she bleeds just the same as you and with those statistics it seems the extra help is needed.